Introducing Aaron Beam

aaron_bioAaron Beam was a founder of Healthsouth, and the company’s first CFO.  I worked directly for Aaron when I started with the company in 1987.  As a founder of Healthsouth, he worked tirelessly to get the company off the ground.  People who truly know Aaron love the man. He and his wife are two of the most grounded, selfless, giving people I’ve ever met.

Sickened by the fraud that Aaron was expected to perpetuate, he retired from Healthsouth in 1997.   Aaron also suffered tremendously when the fraud came to light.  In fact, part of our sentences at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp overlapped, and we spent a lot of time reflecting on what could have been if the company were led properly.

Recently, Aaron and I have begun some speaking engagements together.  Although I can give a vivid explanation of what happened in the 16 years that I was there, Aaron, as a founder, can provide a jaw-dropping inside look of the foundation of the company, and how it went so terribly wrong.  If you would like to have both Aaron and I speak, please let me know when you make an inquiry.



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